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Introducing HCFN


In obedience to the command of our LORD Jesus Christ “occupy till I come” in Luke 19:13, spiritually healthy Christians strive to evangelize people in their workplace. Therefore, it is expected that there would have been several pockets of evangelical Christian health staff in healthcare facilities of Nigeria over the past years.


Probably the first major move for inter-denominational Christian fellowship for all healthcare staff in Nigeria for spiritual care of the Christian health staff and to evangelize the health field was in 1962, initiated by Miss Mabli Pritchard, a British nurse, working at the Qua Iboe Church(QIC) Leprosy Hospital Etinan, in present Akwa Ibom State. An inaugural meeting for the Fellowship was held on 23rd June 1962 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Umuahia, Abia State (now called Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia). The Fellowship was called Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) Nigeria. The first president was late Eze (Dr) Akanu Ibiam, who was the first indigenous Governor of the then Eastern Nigeria and Miss Pritchard was the first  secretary. The CMF prospered until the Nigeria-Biafra war(1967-1970) when her activities became limited to present Akwa Ibom and Cross River States.


While training as a Radiographer at the University Hospital of the West Indies Kingston Jamaica, Elder(Dr) Sam Amaechi (the current Regional Coordinator HCFI Region 11 – English Speaking West Africa) was exposed to the Hospital Christian Fellowship (HCF) which was later changed to Healthcare Christian Fellowship in 1993. On coming back to Nigeria, he started an HCF Fellowship at General Hospital Aba (presently Abia State University Teaching Hospital) in September 1978 and informed Hospital Christian Fellowship International (HCFI) in Holland (the then HCFI headquarters). Thereafter, HCFI headquarters sent some names of Nigerian Christian health workers that had made earlier contact with HCFI to Elder Sam Amaechi. One of such was Rev. F.W Umoren, a nurse, who was the Traveling Secretary of CMF. Elder Amaechi contacted Rev. Umoren and they struck an agreement to host a joint one-day conference of what was left of the CMF and the HCF in Aba. The conference was held on 4th December 1980 in Aba.

Brethren from University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Enugu were invited for this Conference by Elder Amaechi. These Enugu brethren had by 1978 started a fellowship they also called Hospital Christian Fellowship without knowledge of a similar fellowship anywhere.

After this historic conference, and following a good understanding among the leaders, the CMF collapsed into HCFN for the convenience of being affiliated to HCFI (Psalms 133). Rev F.W. Umoren was made the first Zonal Coordinator, ZC (as HCFN national leader was then called), until he answered the call to priestly ordination in the QIC of Nigeria. Mr. Macaulay H Etuk, a nurse, succeeded him as ZC. By the early 80s, notable HCF leaders from the Enugu group included Mr. Lawrence Onyewuchi, Elder Clement Utin, Elder K. K. Agwu (now Prof.), Dr. P. U. Ele (now Prof), Elder Francis Opara and Late Mr. M. Ifezue. From Aba group were Mr. A. O. Fijoh, late Mr. Gaius Nkire, Bro. Moses Uwazuruike and Rev. Sam Ojukwu. Other notable leaders were Deaconess Monica E. G. Utuk (Akwa Ibom State),Mr. Sam Udo-Udoh (Akwa Ibom State), Rev. (Dr.) Ibiba I. Briggs (Rivers State),  Dr. Tim Agu (Imo State) and Prof. Emmanuel E. Ekanem (Cross River State). In 1989, Elder Amaechi was elected as ZC.

Until then, HCFN was limited to the then Eastern Region of Nigeria. But by 1994, Bro. Moses Uwazurike, a nurse now a doctor, and a past National Secretary of HCFN, now in New York USA had contact with Dr. Thomas O. Odejide, an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, who has a hospital in Ile-Ife (and introduced him to Elder Amaechi). Dr. Odejide opened an active communication with Elder Amaechi which resulted in the launching of HCFN in Southwestern Nigeria on May 26, 1995 in OAUTH Ile-Ife. He and Pastor Wale Falola, an engineer in Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife, worked closely in HCF ministry at this time. The Lagos branch of HCFN was anchored around this period by Bro. Tim Okhai; who was then a young biomedical engineer. Bro. Tim is currently with HCFI in South Africa. HCFN Lagos was inaugurated on 16th May 1998 at Lagos University Teaching Hospital(LUTH) Lagos.

In 1988, a coordinated Christian fellowship was started in Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) Jos, Plateau State in Northern Nigeria. This was called JUTH Christian Group. Prof. Godwin Imade, then a young Medical Laboratory Scientist/Research Fellow was one of the pioneers of the fellowship. The first full time staff of HCFN, Pastor Lawrence Emeaghara, a Medical Radiographer turned into Baptist minister was engaged in 1988. He was the person that introduced HCFN to the Jos group. The JUTH group responded by sending a delegation from JUTH to attend HCFN Annual Conference at Okigwe, Imo State. Thereafter, on 4th April 2000, HCFN JUTH became the first centre in Northern Nigeria to be inaugurated. From JUTH, HCF spread to other health institutions in Plateau State and other States in Northern Nigeria.


By 1995 the title for the HCFN national leaders was changed from ZC to National Coordinator (NC). After Elder Amaechi was appointed the Regional Promoter (now Regional Coordinator) of HCFI Region 11, comprising Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra-Leone, Guinea-Bissau, The Gambia, Pastor Dr. T.O. Odejide was elected National Coordinator by 2000. He was succeeded by Prof. Prince U. Ele in 2010. The current National Coordinator, Dr. Ogba J. Ukpabi, was dedicated on 15th September,2018.


HCFN was formally admitted into the world body of HCFI on 13th July, 1985. HCFN was first registered with Nigeria’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (Corporate Affairs Commission) in August 1995 but because of some technical corrections, the revised date of registration bears 18th July, 2012. HCFN operates a constitution and bye laws, and has a Board of Trustees with Prof. P. U. Ele as Chairman.


HCFN motto is Compassion, Healing and Service.

In line with HCFI, HCFN runs a threepronged ministry of Prayer, Evangelism and Discipleship

The service/thematic areas of HCFN include Prayer, Evangelism/Missions, Discipleship/Training, Conferences, Finance, Development, Data, Literature/Media, Youth/Students, Saline Process Training, International Relations, Church/Public Relations, Welfare.

The National Strategic Consensus in line with the International structure liaises with HCF International and HCF Region 11 in the ministries of Prayer, Medical Outreaches, Integral Disciple Making, Residential & non-Residential Training, Strategic Planning, Students/Youths, and Saline Process Training.

HCFN operates at National, Area, State, and Group (unit) levels.

The Fellowship has leaders at the national level known as National Action Team (NAT) with the National Coordinator (NC) as the apex leader. The NAT is comprised of the NC and Deputy National Coordinator (DNC), National Secretary, National Promoters of various thematic/service areas, Area Coordinators, State Chairmen, National Field Staff and the Camp Manager.

The Promoters ‘drive’ the Fellowship’s service/thematic areas.


Field Staff: HCFN has field staff at the National and state levels who assist in facilitating the work of the fellowship. The current National Field Staff, Pastor Japhet Onyejekwe, was engaged as a full-time staff in 2003.



HCFN holds a general and prayer residential conference annually in September. The Areas hold annual residential prayer conferences in different areas and states hold one day non-residential conferences. Medical mission outreaches hold during the national residential conference. States are encouraged to hold similar medical mission outreaches.

Camp of Testimony: This is a Christ-centred conference/retreat camping facility owned and run by HCFN which at present is probably peculiar to HCFN among HCFI family. It is expected that the Camp will house the HCFN Headquarters and also have a health centre attached to it.


You can have a share in this strategic ministry by:

Praying specifically for all Christians involved directly or indirectly with healthcare to the sick.

Sharing the HCF vision with other Christians in Healthcare facilities, schools and churches.

Encouraging the establishment of a HCF group in your health facilities and participating in the programmes.

Attending conferences and /or sponsoring delegates.

Supporting the ministry and full-time staff financially.

Providing ministry equipment (e.g transport, public address systems, musical equipment etc.).

Contributing to the development of the HCFN permanent site.

Joining the HCF in a full or part time capacity.






Elder (Dr). Sam Amaechi.

HCFI Regional Promoter Region 11.


Pastor (Dr). Thomas O Odejide.

HCFI Region 11 Prayer Promoter.


Dr O J Ukpabi.

National Coordinator.


Prof. Godwin E Imade.

Deputy National Coordinator.


Mrs Edna U Washington-Opara

National Secretary


Dr. Osakwe Chukwudi.

Assist. National Secretary.


Evang. (Mrs) Bassey Akpan.

National Finance Promoter.


Mrs Peace Onwubiko.

Assist. National Finance Promoter.


Elder Bassey Okon.

National Prayer Promoter.


Pastor Wale Falola.

Assist National Prayer Promoter.


Pastor Japheth Onyejekwe..

NFS/Atg. Training Promoter


Dr. Harcourt Somiari.

National Conference Promoter.


Dr Hyginus Opara.

Assist. National Conference Promoter..


Prof. P U Ele.

National Development Promoter.


. Dr. Kalu U Okam..

Assist National Development Promoter


Dr. Chijioke Nzewuihe..


National Literature/Media Promoter


Mrs Ego Okam.

Assist Nat’l Literature/Media Promoter.


Dr. N K Chukwudi.

Nat’l Data Officer..


Elder (Prof) K K Agwu.

Nat’l Evangelism/Mission Promoter..


. Pastor Ugochukwu Akazi.

Assist Nat’l Evangelism/Mission Promoter.


Dr. Michael Adaji.

Member Evangelism/Mission Committee.


Evang. Ogbonna Mbagwu.


Member Evangelism/Mission Committee.


Rev. Samuel Ojukwu.

Camp Manager (COT).


Dr. Ngozi Ekeke.

Nat’l Youth/Students’ Promoter.


Prof. Friday Odey.

East 1 Area Coordinator.



Dr. Uchechi C Ekpemiro.

East 2 Area Coordinator.


Chaplain F Bamigbade…

West Area Coordinator


Elder Goldim Goyol.

Northern Area Coordinator.


Dr. Tomen Ezekiel.

North 2 Area Coordinator.


Mr Isaiah Audu.

North 1 Area Coord/Chairman HCF Zamfara.


Prof. Nze J Jebbin..

Chairman HCF Rivers/Bayelsa


Rev. (Dr) Ifeanyi Onah.

Chairman HCF Enugu.


Dr Akputa Obasi.

Chairman HCF Ebonyi.


Dr. Nnadozie Okwudiri.

Chairman HCF Anambra.


Dr. Victor Ette.

Chairman HCF Akwa Ibom.


Dr Emmanuel Udoukpong.

Chairman HCF Cross River.


Pastor Michael Adeagbo.

Chairman HCF Osun.


Chaplain Mary Lamle.

Chairman HCF Plateau.


Mr Pius Jubril.

Chairman HCF Nasarawa.


Dr Christopher Agbasimere.

Chairman HCF Imo.


Pastor (Mrs) Esther Aiyepola.

Chairman HCF Lagos.


Pharm. Kingsley Amibor.

Chairman HCF Delta.


Pastor Samson Uja.

Chairman HCF Abia.


Mr. Oluwanifemi Adeyemo

South Western Youth/Students’ Promoter


Dr. Obinna Obaji.

East 2 Area Youth/Students’ Coordinator.


Mr. Kelechi J Muomaife.

East 1 Area Youth/Students’ Coordinator.


1. Prof. Prince U Ele. Chairman.
2. Dr. Kalu U Okam. Secretary.
3. Elder. Sam Amaechi. Member.
4. Dr. Timothy O Agu. Member.
5. Elder. Macaulay H Etuk. Member.
6. Dr. Ibiba Rowland Briggs. Member.
7. Dr. Thomas O Odejide. Member.
8.HCFN National Coordinator. Member.

HCFN International Relationships​

HCF Nigeria (HCFN) is a national body of Christian health professionals of all disciplines. It is also comprised of members who are non-health workers from Churches who identify with HCF Vision and mission. All members work together to Minister God’s love and words to the sick and health workers. HCFN belongs to Region 11 which is made up of West Africa English-speaking countries. HCFN and members of other regions are affiliated with HCF international (HCFI) which is an interdenominational and International umbrella Christian body which has members and branches existing in over 100 countries. Members of HCF worldwide work in harmony with other evangelical Christian Health ministries and churches to fulfil the great commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ in Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:18-20 in both local and global health fields through prayers, evangelism and discipleship.

The membership of HCFN and other national HCF branches world-wide in HCFI provides the following opportunities

  • – To share in a mature partnership with fellowships worldwide, being of mutual benefits to one another
  • – To stand together in proclaiming Biblical views on ethical issues
  • – To profit from training materials and other educational tools at reduced cost

To demonstrate solidarity with other evangelicals in the Health Field worldwide.