“So Samson caught 300 foxes. He tied them together in pairs by their tails. Then he fastened a torch between their tails. He set the torches on fire and released the foxes in the Philistines’ grain fields. So he set fire to all their grain, whether it was stacked
or in the fields. Their olive orchards also caught on fire.” (Judges 15:4-5)
Do you know foxes? Would you consider them destructive or productive animals?

Certainly destructive by nature! Yet, they were turned to instruments of war, conveying fire of vengeance against God’s enemies. Amazingly, God can transform any destructive agent into a very productive and purposeful instrument in His hands. Remember, God saved a terrorist like Saul of Tarsus and transformed him into a purposeful vessel who carried a holy fire of the gospel of Christ for God in his generation. Similarly, a former harlot named Rahab became a mother of nobles and kings after an encounter with the God of Israel.
God has a good plan for your life, far beyond what you could deserve or imagine. He really wants to use you, regardless of your present ‘destructive’ nature. God is at work to make out something great from your life. He can fix your life again from the rubbles of sin and
the wretchedness of captivity and fill you with His HOLY FIRE.

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