HCFI has its headquartres in  Benoni South Africa, from where it coordinates  the activities of the  fellowship in over  100 countries in different continents of the world.


HCFI Regions

For administrative purposes the member countries are grouped into 16 Regions. Nigeria belongs to Region 11 (English Speaking West African Countries), and is under the oversight of Elder Dr Sam Amaechi as the Regional Coordinator.


HCFI is governed by an International Board with Dr Chris Styen as the current Chairman, who also serves as the International President.


The strategic ministries of HCFI include Prayer,Medical Outreaches,Integral Disciple Making, Residential Training, Non- Residential Training, Strategic Planning, Saline Process Training, and Students/Youths. These  ministries are under the Global Action Team (GLAT) with a Chairman and Promoters (Coordinators) of the ministries as members.

The Regional leaders of each Region constitute the  Regional Action  Team (REGAT) while National bodies are led by  the National Action Team(NAT).


About Us

HCF promotes collaboration with various Christian Church denominations to optimize spiritual well-being of patients.


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