The duty of HCFN National Field Staff includes:

Establishment of HCF
fellowships in health institutions of Nigeria.

Strengthening existing HCF fellowships, to ensure effective implementation of the vision and mission of HCF through prayer, evangelism and discipleship.

Regular field visits to various Areas/States within the year through the support and partnership of respective HCFN Area Coordinators and the State Chairmen.

HCFN State Field Staff serves at State levels along with other HCF leaders to facilitate:

✓Sharing of HCF Vision and opening new HCF groups in their States.


✓Implementation of HCF mission in their States through regular prayer, evangelism and discipleship.


✓Regular visits to HCF groups and maintain constant communication with the group leaders.


✓Accurate recording of strategic field activities such as updating records of those who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.


✓Timely reporting of strategic field activities to the State Chairman and the National Field Staff.

Activities during the field visits include:

1. Promotion of HCFN Vision.

2. Training of healthcare staff.

3. Prayer meetings. 4. Evangelism.

5. Seminars.

6. Exhortations.

HCFN National Field staff also:

✓Coordinates other Field Staff at State levels and assist them to effectively carry out their field work, through constant communication and trainings.

✓Overall, the National Field Staff reports to the National Coordinator and carries out other administrative duties as need arises.

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