Project Details

The foundation laying ceremony of the HCFN camp of TESTIMONY was done in the month of September, 2007 by Bishop Samuel Chukwuka, then Anglican Bishop of Umuneochi diocese in Okigwe. Since then, by the grace of God, the HCFN has accomplished the following :

  1. Completion of the perimeter fencing of the property.
  2. Sinking of a borehole complete with a 6,000 gallons (22,710L) overhead tank.
  3. Reticulation of the premises with water from the deep borehole.
  4. Construction of a generator house, housing one locally fabricated diesel 30Kva generator and standby small petrol generator.
  5. Reticulation of the premises with power.
  6. Completion of a kitchen/cafeteria complex
  7. Construction of the Conference, 750 – 1000 capacity, hall complete with 4 female and 4 male conveniences at the rear and 2 each for females and males behind the stage in front. The hall, though not fully completed, is already in use.
  8. Completion of 2 hostels each with capacity for at least 75 campers.
  9. Completion and furnishing of a special prayer chapel named “Prayer House For The Nations”
  10. Ongoing construction of 2 storey hostel complex with capacity for about 250 campers.
  11. Purchase of additional 4 plots of land adjacent to but presently not walled into the camp.
  12. The Camp is run by a Camp Manager assisted by a Camp Supervisor. There are 4 security men and 2 part time cleaners.
  13. The Camp maintains two current accounts, one with the ECOBANK is for the camp operations and the other is with the GTB for camp site development. The details of the Project Account are as follows : Account Name       HCFN Project Account

                                Account Number   0164844781

                                Bank Name              GTB Plc   


  1. Construction of additional hostels
  2. Construction of 2 – 3 bedroom chalets
  3. Construction of staff quarters
  4. Construction of a health centre
  5. Walling in the new plots of land
  6. Construction of a Health Centre
  7. Purchase and installation of a 100 KVA low noise diesel generator
  8. Land scaping and ornamental as well as fruit tree planting
  9. Completion of the Conference hall
  10. Naming of structures
  11. Play ground for children

Fully developed, the Camp of Testimony promises to be quite unique and will become the destination for individuals, families, church and fellowship groups seeking a detached, peaceful environment for spiritual encounters.

Please be part of this great dream by contributing regularly as God lays in your heart. Testimonies will doubtless overflow in your life! Account details have been provided above.

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