STV-300 PROJECT: [SHARE THE VISION to 300 healthcare givers]

Unique opportunities . . . . ONLY in health field for healthcare givers to reach the sick and suffering humanity for Christ:

1. In one year, about 88% 0f 181.2 million Nigerians visit a health facility (2015 survey) for medical help. Every patient who enters the gate of our health institution is in NEED of one thing – HELP

So statistically, more people pass through the health institutions of the world than through the churches every year.
As a student, healthcare worker or caring Christian in the health field, God has sent you as a labourer into His harvest and shall reward you someday.

2. Most painfully, many healthcare givers remain unconcerned about God’s vision and burden for the sick and hurting coming daily into their health institutions.

3. Many sick and hurting folks in need of divine help regularly throng over 13,000 health institutions (public, private, mission) in Nigeria without anyone to intercede in PRAYER for them.

4. Every week, only few among estimated 3,000,000 sick and hurting folks in critical need of God’s healing touch within Nigerian health institutions, are ever reached with the much needed gospel of hope, salvation, healing and deliverance in Christ Jesus.

5. In many occasions, the attitudes of many healthcare workers towards the sick and hurting do not reflect the COMPASSION and love of Christ Jesus for the sick.


1. God has a special purpose for bringing YOU – as a healthcare giver into the health field of the world.

2. God has sent someone, perhaps YOU – to heal the broken hearts! The captives and prisoners of darkness can be set free if God finds YOU a worthy vessel.

3. Regardless of status or religion, people draw closer to God in times of sickness and pain than any other time; ever sober and ready in heart to accept love, care and the gospel of salvation in Christ (probably rejected in the past).

4. In times of illness, a strong relationship of trust and confidence is rested on the healthcare giver by the sick and helpless patient. The sick most often desires to listen and indeed willingly yield to the love of Christ if the health worker dutifully presents the gospel to them.

5. Miracles happen when someone compassionately serves and CARES for the sick! Admittedly, every patient who enters the gates of our health institutions is in NEED of one thing – HELP. This offers a great opportunity for service to God!

6. Even in times of war or crisis, healthcare institutions remain open even when churches are destroyed or closed.

7. Again, health facilities often serve as entry points into the world. Every life deserves a godly and blessed welcome into life and destiny through the power of God’s spoken words.

8. On daily basis, over 150,000 people exit the world daily through death. Health facilities often serve as exit gate of human lives (a time when most important life decisions are made) into unrecoverable eternity.

Those last miles of life journey for the hospitalized remain critical opportunities for final decision for eternity.

9. A watchful gatekeeper at this exit gate to eternity should not fail to prayerfully rescue every lost soul with Christ’s love, forgiveness and salvation.

10. The healthcare giver shall someday stand before his Maker, the Creator and owner of all human lives, to account for those brought under his/her care.

11. Moved with compassion, YOU can encourage others (students, healthcare workers, church groups) to PRAY along with you and SHARE GOD’S LOVE with the sick and dying.

12. Wherever you are, you can be an instrument in God’s hand through PRAYER, EVANGELISM and DISCIPLESHIP of the sick and their loved ones in health institutions.


1. Eternal REWARD from the soon coming King, “Well done, good and faithful
servant. . .”

2. A crown of life which shall never fade away, throughout all eternity; shinning like stars FOREVER!

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